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1X-AMP Ultima versione 6.0.1

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1X-AMP - Un lettore musicale leggero e con funzioni essenziali

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Looking to find the most simple yet feature packed media player that plays both audio and video files? 1X-Amp is here to solve your multimedia codec troubles. The application comes with functionality and aesthetics, both with skins support.
This customizable media player is professionally coded, ensuring that it consumes very low memory and resources. With a low memory footprint 1X-Amp lets users of computers with low end specs enjoy high quality music.
It is not just a media player, but also a capable multimedia management suite. It helps you manage all your scattered music files (WAV, MP3, WMA, etc) on your hard disks, giving you access to all your music collection from one place, and the simple user interface makes it even easier. It can search your hard disk for music files and build a media library.
Thinking of a song, but don’t have time to find it on your huge music library? Simply search for it from the search bar. Make playlists with an easy and intuitive drag and drop process. If you have an audio CD, 1X-Amp can rip music to high quality MP3 formats.
Audiophiles can tinker with their sounds with a full featured EQ and some acoustic effects such as delay, reverb, tempo, 3D sound, treble enhancer, bass booster and more.


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